You Are Allowed To…

Codependency convinces you that you are obligated to others and you have to give up yourself to get needs and/or wants needed.

Reclaiming and embodying your power and sovereignty are necessary knowing, loving, and being who you are, which is how one heals their need for codependency to get needs and wants met.

Use these nine focus points to help expand your sense of personal autonomy and your personal state of empowered living.

Note: Quick-lists & Infographics are snapshots on a concept or topic. They are, by nature, limited in their scope. It is entirely expected that the quick-list does not cover everything or may lack certain nuances. Keep that in mind while using them.

1 – Have thoughts and feelings that are different from others

2 – Say no simply because you do not want to do what was requested

3 – Put yourself first

4 – Choose boundaries that favor your well-being and happiness

5 – Make choices and actions that work for you, even if they disappoint others

6 – Make and negotiate agreements according to what you want and need

7 – Ask for what you want and need and ask it be given in ways that work for you

8 – Disappoint others

9 – Rest, play, and enjoy your life despite other people’s expectations of you

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