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The Releasing Significance Tool

What is this tool?

It is an MP3 guided meditation that helps you explore how things feel after you release a bit of significance you’ve given to something in your world.

Why this tool?

I created this tool to address the habit we have of applying importance, meaning, and survival to things around us.

Examples of this include:

1) Making that person’s opinion of me critical to my sense of safety and worth

2) Making approval necessary for me to feel safe and lovable

3) Feeling completely devastated when I make a mistake

4) Fearing I’ll be unlovable if I don’t do it “right”

These kinds of reactions are results of the impossible, perfectionistic expectations put on us by unreasonable, unhealthy others. We learned to make these things significant in order to feel safe, connected, and have a sense of identity and purpose.

To heal, we must end this habit by replacing it with safety and self-connection and care when these situations arise.

This is how the Releasing Significance Tool came about.

Where is the tool?

You can access it here:

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