The Purpose Of The Community

The Community has three priorities:

  1. Provide a safe learning and discovery space that helps survivors discover life beyond codependency
  2. Connect survivors to useful, effective tools, trainings, and guidance for their healing and happiness
  3. Provide affirming support and witnessing of individuals and their respective journeys

The structure and rules of the Community help make these three priorities a reality for the majority of the members. I say, “majority”, as no community will be 100% safe and effective for all people, all the time.

You can learn more about how the Community Works here: How The Community Works

As a member of The Community, you agree to:

  1. Following the rules as outlined in the various rules posts outlined here: The Community Policies and Guidelines
  2. Being promoted to by Marshall for his courses, workshops, trainings and so forth
  3. To interacting with other members based on your own consent, capacity, and choice
  4. Being responsible for your:
    1. Emotional responses to comments and posts in the group
    2. Needs, wants, and capacities while interacting in the group; no other member, nor Marshall or his team, are responsible to your needs, wants, or feelings you have about what you read or interact with in the group. You are responsible for managing your own exposure, capacity, and emotional care while participating in the group
    3. Behaviors; if you choose to read or interact, you also choose to handle the outcomes created in that
    4. Triggers, emotional activations, feeling offended, or upsets. These are reactions in your body giving you clues to your own needs, beliefs, and past experiences. These are not the responsibility of the group, Marshall, or his team. They are yours to care for. I understand this is blunt. It is also a necessary boundary, as we each are responsible for caring for what we feel and need.
    5. What you get out of the Community. You can participate or not at your leisure
  5. For therapists and coaches: do not promote yourself, your work, your tools, in the Community. You’ll be removed without notice
  6. That all guidance and advice given in the group is not professional guidance or counseling, but merely the opinion of those sharing their opinion. Seek professional guidance and counseling from a licensed therapist.

This helps us all create a community where we can feel safe to explore, share, and discover who we are beyond codependency.

If these rules do not align with your needs, please exit the Community.


Marshall Burtcher

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