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The Communities You Have Access To

I provide three communities for specific kinds of discussion and support. Below are descriptions and links to each.

The Thriving Beyond Codependency Community (aka The Community)

This community is focused on supporting abuse and neglect survivors that developed codependency as a coping mechanism. It is for asking questions, receiving support, and sharing successes.

You will also receive insights, posts, video trainings and such from Marshall Burtcher. This includes promotions and opportunities to join his courses and trainings. This is the only promotion allowed in any of the communities provided by Marshall and Free The Self.

This community is governed by the rules outlined here: https://freetheself.com/library/article-categories/the-community-policies-guideliness/

You can join here: https://community.freetheself.com

The Free Discussion Group

You are free to discuss various topics here, including spiritual, religious, and political topics.

This group is NOT moderated. Rules for the group are outlined in the group description and pinned post.

Share and post there are your own risk.

You can join here: https://fd.freetheself.com

The Survivors Of Spiritual And Coaching Abuse

This group is for survivors of cult, spiritual and coaching abuse. It is monitored.

You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ftssabusesupport

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