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Security of The Community & The University

Safety and security in The Community and my courses/trainings in The University are a core priority for Marshall and his team.

They empower safety and security through several measures.

  • Marshall personally approve all people who enter The Community. He also quickly eject anyone that violates the rules or displays harm towards anyone here. Thankfully this is extremely rare (like 3 cases total in the past year).
  • Only members of The Community can view the posts and comments of The Community.
  • To help with security, Marshall provides a ban list. You can add a name to the list here: https://banlist.freetheself.com
    • They will not be admitted to The Community.
  • Anyone on the ban list will not be admitted to any courses Marshall offers after they’re on the ban list.
  • All class meetings are secure as Marshall approves and rejects people manually.
  • If you feel unsafe with a person’s interactions with you in The Community, contact Marshall and his team here: https://help.freetheself.com
  • Remember: you can always block anyone that you feel unsafe around. Your safety and protection matters here
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