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Rules For Questions & Requests For Marshall

The rules below apply to the “Questions & Requests For Marshall” Posts in the Community.

Comments that violate these rules will be removed. The commenter will be notified why the comment was removed and what they can do differently so their comment is approved. If your comment is removed, please do not contact Marshall and his team to discuss it. Our decisions are final.

Rules For Sharing A Question Or Request For Marshall:

  1. Be specific about what you need: guidance, a tool, advice
  2. Do not include graphic details of violence or harm in your comment, including sexualized violence, physical violence of any type, suicide, mentions of murder in your request
  3. Do not mention names of others involved
  4. Do not vent; venting is where a person shares all the details and emotions they have about a situation in order to get it off their mind or chest, so to speak. You can vent here: https://fd.freesetheslf.com
    1. Venting example: “I am so tired of my ex and his bullshit! I can’t take this. It is so, so frustrating. I hate him!”
    2. Request example: “What are some ways I can keep myself sane while dealing with him?”
  5. Do not mention spiritual, religious, or political topics in your comments; please review the Rules Governing Spiritual and Religious Discussion

Marshall will reply during the week to requests that are made. It may take a few days or it may be quick. Respond times will vary.

Other members are welcome to respond to requests made there if they follow the “Rules For Requests“.

Marshall has only one additional rule: Do not recommend other people’s work or tools in response to requests made directly to Marshall. Comments that do this will be removed.

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