How The Community Works

Applies to this community:

The Community has three priorities:

  1. Provide a safe learning and discovery space that helps survivors discover life beyond codependency
  2. Connect survivors to useful, effective tools, trainings, and guidance for their healing and happiness
  3. Provide affirming support and witnessing of individuals and their respective journeys

The structure and rules of the Community help make these three priorities a reality for the majority of the members. I say, “majority”, as no community will be 100% safe and effective for all people, all the time.

Below, I outline the structure of The Community, how it works, and the rules that govern it.

You must agree to and follow these rules or you will be removed from the Community.

This applies to members of the Community who are also paying students or clients. Paying for my services does not entitle you to different treatment or exceptions to rules in The Community. You are not entitled to a refund of any purchase due to being removed from The Community.

The Structure Of The Community

The Community:

  1. Individual members are NOT allowed to make individual posts. Members are allowed to comment on posts created by the admin and moderation team per the rules of that particular post.
  2. The Community has 4 primary posts for members to interact on:
    1. The “Connect With And Support Each Other Here” Post: This post is where members can share requests for support and guidance in their situation and where members reply to those comments with proper support and guidance. The rules for how requests and support are offered is outlined in the “Rules For Requesting Support & Replying To Requests” article here. Rules for asking for and giving guidance are listed here: “Rules For Requesting Guidance & Replying To Requests”.
    1. The “Ask Marshall Questions Here” Post: This post is where members can request guidance directly from Marshall, as well as ask him to make videos, tools, or guides on specific topics. Marshall will reply according to his availability and inspiration. The rules for how requests are made and guidance offered is outlined in the “Rules For Questions & Requests For Marshall” article here:
    2. Celebration & Discovery Post: This post is where members can share their discoveries and celebrate each other’s courage, success, growth. The rules for how requests are made and guidance offered is outlined in the “Rules For Celebration & Discovery Posts” article here:
  3. Other types of posts to expect:
    1. Weekly Practice Posts: This is where I post a practice for the week that is taken from the Codependency Healing System. These posts are designed to help you make progress in your healing and growth.
    2. Promotional and Opportunity Posts: This is where Marshall will share opportunities to work with him via workshops, courses, or even 1:1 work
    3. Guides & Tools Posts: This is where Marshall will share a tools, guide, or process that may be useful for your healing, contentment, and happiness
    4. Music Friday Posts: This is where we share music we find inspiring
    5. Share Yourself Posts: Share what is playful to you and what you’re up to in your life
    6. Other kinds of posts that may be inspired throughout the life of the Community
  4. The Free Discussion Group:
    1. This is where you can discuss freely any topic, as well as vent, rant, and rave about life. You can access that here:
    2. This group is NOT MODERATED by Marshall and his team. Post there are your own risk.

This design helps you consent to what you choose to read and follow in the group; it also gives you exclusive responsibility for what you read, along with any activation you feel, including feeling triggered, offended, or upset. If you find yourself feeling these things while reading a particular post, your work is to regulate and care for yourself. Please do not contact Marshall or his team about these things. Use the tools provided in The Community to help you: Community Tools.

If a comment on a post violates a rule, please REPORT it and Marshall and his team will take care of it. Do not report comments that feel activating to you personally, offend you, or upset you. Only report comments that violate the rules.

If a comment of yours is reported and removed, you will be given notice by Facebook as to what rule the comment violated and what you can do differently. You can always repost your comment once it is revised to fit with the rules. Do not PM or email Marshall or his team about a removed comment of yours. Admin decisions are final.

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