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Healing Tools

Healing Tools

Compassion Practices

Use these tools to cultivate compassion and care towards yourself.

Anger Validation Tools

Use these tools to validate and care for your anger.

Fear Release Tools

Use these tools to release fear.

Safety Tools

Use these tools to nurture and increase your sense of safety and your comfort with safety.

Releasing Responsibility For Others

Use this tool to release the impulse to rescue, care-take, or otherwise feel responsible for the behaviors, actions, choices, and...

Cultivating Worth And Value Tools

Use these tools to cultivate your Innate Value and sense of your personal worth.

Fatigue Release Tools

If you’re struggling with fatigue, use this tool to see what shifts in your relationship to fatigue and rest.

Create A Safety Plan When Dealing With Abusive People

A safety plan is a plan you create in order to navigate and handle complicated relationships with people who have...

The Daily Regulation Practice Guide

Watch my training below on how to use the Daily Regulation Practice Guide This practice guide gives you a step-by-step...

The Releasing Significance Tool

What is this tool? It is an MP3 guided meditation that helps you explore how things feel after you release...