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Healing Tools

Healing Tools

The Sane Maker Guide

The Sane Maker Guide helps you make sense of reality when you’re feeling crazy, confused, and disoriented. This is especially...

The Get Sober Guide

Getting lost in euphoria and fantasy leads one back into the clutches of codependency and love addiction. The Get Sober...

The A-L-I Practice Guide

Your emotions need three specific steps to achieve closure, nurture, and rest: Acknowledgement, Legitimization, and Integration. These three steps empower...

The Shame And Guilt Release Guide

Shame and guilt drive much of codependency’s behaviors, sense of identity, and one’s dominant sense of worth. Learning how to...

The De-Ruminator Guide

Rumination keeps us fixated on the other person, place, or thing. This happens because we do not feel safe and...

Shame Release & Clearing Tools

Use these tools to release shame and build healthy connection with yourself and others

Guilt Clearing Tools

Use these tools to release and clear guilt. Click on the images to get access to that particular tool.

Grief Navigation Tools

Use these tools to navigate your journey with grief.

Anxiety Regulation And Care

Use these tools to calm distress and anxiety.

Breaking The Fantasy/Euphoria

Use these tools to break free of the euphoria caused by love-bombing and codependent fantasy